Video: What’s Going On With Nintendo’s Mii, And Why Are They Dying Out?

As much as we’re enjoying Nintendo Switch Sports this weekend, it’s got us wondering what’s going on with Nintendo’s Mii.

For a while now, it seems like they’ve been on the way out. So, what’s up? Nintendo is still incorporating them into games, but instead of placing them in the spotlight, they’re now more of an optional extra.

Our new Nintendo Life video producer Felix is equally as curious to know what’s going to happen to these “fantastic” avatars so he’s uploaded the following video – asking Nintendo to keep them around.

Mii (on the left) as seen in Nintendo Switch Sports (Image: Nintendo)

If you want to get the full picture about Mii history and what’s going on with them right now, be sure to check out Felix’s video above. And be sure to tell us down in the comments what you think Nintendo might do with its Mii avatar in the future.

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