Showbox Apk 2022 For Android | Download Latest Version On Your Device

Showbox Apk 2021 is one of the largest South Korean film distribution company. It is active since 1996 and it is gaining huge profits with day to day ventures in the film distributor market. Within the last few years, Showbox for Android has released an app which is also named as “Showbox”.

Introduction For Showbox Apk 2022

If you are really interested to watch movies and television sitcoms. Then Showbox is the best place for you. You can stream and download any movie or television series on your android mobile phone. In this article, we will tell you, how to download the Showbox App and how to use it in your personal gain.

ShowBox Apk 2022 Features: The Outstanding Ones

As we have already mentioned, the ShowBox App is one of the best in business among the ones which are available currently in the online app market. And here is the validation of that claim. Go through the given features, and you will know why it is currently an unmatched app.

  • First of all, it allows both the download as well as the streaming of movies and popular TV series which are currently in discussions.
  • You can choose the resolution of the video in which you want to download the movie or the TV series.
  • Another important aspect of the ShowBox app features is that the videos have got subtitles as well.
  • One can also get the latest news and updates related to the upcoming TV series and movies.
  • A user will also be allowed to bookmark a particular video and can watch the video later on from the ‘Favorites’ section.

Download ShowBox APK for Android Devices

One of the many benefits of the ShowBox Apk is the fact that there are plenty of changes and updates/upgrades that are seen in version after version. Every time there is an update, we bring you all the latest benefits and advantages of the updated Apk. The app’s makers have once again surprised us by delivering a fresh update this month. Here, we give you the very latest ShowBox Apk file version and the important details.

  • Application Name: Showbox App.
  • Latest Version: 4.96 (106)
  • Release Date: December 11, 2017.
  • Size: 39.18MB

Compatibility: All the devices that are running on Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and above are compatible.

Bugs Fixed/Issues Solved

A couple of issues have now been fixed. They include:

  • Some playback issues have now been made better/fixed.
  • Interface changes are now more noticeable
  • More languages are now supported by this app
  • A few persistent glitches have now been fixed as well.
  • ShowBox apk files are frequently updated by the developer. And the latest one which has come out on July 27 is the 4.93 version. For further details, refer below.

Showbox Apk Latest Version (v4.93) File: General InformationName: ShowBox apk

  • Version: 4.93
  • Released on: July 27, 2017
  • File Size: 39.28 MB

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and higher


The new updated version has brought in bug fixes
Not all movies had subtitles. The ShowBox apk latest version has added subtitles to a few more movies.

Download ShowBox for Android Devices (Easy Steps to Follow)

Now you know why we recommended this particular app. And from here on we will provide the guidelines for downloading it on your electronic device. At first, we cite the steps that you need to follow to download ShowBox latest APK for Android. And before we go into the process we would like to inform that you cannot download this application from the official app store of any of the popular software developers. And hence, you need to download the apk file of the app to avail all the benefits of the app.

  • Go to Settings; find out Security settings of your smartphone. There you need to toggle on the ‘Unknown Sources’. This will enable you to download an app which is not available on Google Play Store.
  • Now you have the license to download and install ShowBox apk on your smartphone. Go to the download link we’ve supplied and wait for it to finish downloading.
  • Once you are over with it, restart your device. And the moment you are back on your ‘Home’ screen you can spot the ShowBox icon. When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a vast universe of movies and TV shows.

Download ShowBox for PC: Exclusive Methods

Download Showbox Apk 2021

You know how to download this amazing video downloading the app on your Android device. You will surely be intrigued to come across the methods that you need to follow to download ShowBox for Windows PC. But one thing should be mentioned that the application is not officially available for this particular OS. And thus you need to download the APK file with the help of an Android emulator. So here are 3 easy methods that will enable you to get hold of the app on your laptop or desktop running on the Windows operating system.

Showbox for Windows PC

ShowBox Apk for Windows: Minimum System Requirements

Ahead of moving on to the simple steps here is a check on what you need to have inside your Windows PC to enjoy proper functioning of the app. The system requirements are given as follows.

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • RAM: 512 MB at least
  • Free Space: 20 GB

Install ShowBox on Windows PC: (using AMIDuOS)

The third method uses AMIDuOS as the Android emulator. It is a well-known software which is slowly gaining, even more, popularity among the users. And to check out how to download the ShowBox for PC with the AMIDuOS, scroll down slowly.

Showbox for PC

  • Like in the previous two, download the AMIDuOS Android emulator from the official website which you can spot easily on the internet, or even you can get it from here. After downloading it install it.
  • In the second step, you need to download the ShowBox apk. Click here to get the file.
  • After downloading it, ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down will give the ‘Open With’ option where you can find ‘Apple to DuOS’. Click on it.
  • The installation process will follow, and when it is over, you will be able to find the ShowBox icon on your PC. Click on it, and you have a huge list of movies and TV shows waiting for you.

Download ShowBox for Mac: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

We have already provided the guidelines for the downloading the app on your PC. Now we have Mac OS users that want to download this amazing video downloading and streaming app. For all those who want to download the ShowBox for Mac, we have the steps listed below.

Step 1: For downloading the apk file of the app for Windows, we had a number of Android emulators to choose from (we opted for three). But here you need to create an account on Genymotion Mac OS X. Then download it on your Mac.

ShowBox for Mac

  • Install Virtual Box after downloading it. Showbox Download for Mac
  • Now login to the Genymotion. There you will find an ‘Add’ button which gives you the option for adding an Android smartphone. Select any of the brands, say LG for instance. You will get a number of LG smartphones to choose from.
  • The moment you select one with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and Android version 4.4.4 or later (LG G6 for instance), the user interface of the Mac device changes into the user interface of that particular smartphone.
  • The initial steps are done and now download the ShowBox latest apk file from the link provided here.
  • Drag and drop the file to the virtual device which will kick-start the installation of the app. (You might need to update the app).One thing you need to do before the installation of the app is, change the settings of your device where you will be redirected automatically. Tick the Unknown sources and wait till installation of ShowBox for Mac gets completed.

ShowBox for iOS: Is it Even Possible?

Showbox Apk Download

You might be really eager to come across the process that you need to follow to download the ShowBox for iOS. But to the utter misfortune of the users of iOS devices, a version of the app compatible with iOS is still not available. There are chances that in the coming days the developers will release one that will make the app available for the iOS users. But at this moment you need to carry on by downloading the alternatives to ShowBox for iOS.

Wrap Up

After going through this entire write-up, we can assume that you have got an idea of how the ShowBox apk 2021 works. And if that’s not enough to entice you, you may use the techniques we’ve listed to get the ShowBox apk for Windows or Mac. In case, you come across any difficulty accessing the mighty ShowBox Android App, feel free to leave your queries here. We promise to provide you with a solution at the earliest.

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