Round Up: The Reviews Are In For Triangle Strategy

Image: Square Enix

You’ve seen the first review for Triangle Strategy by Famitsu, and also our own review for the game, and now here’s a look at the general summary of the game here in the west.

Of course, if you haven’t caught our own review yet – we gave the game an “excellent” nine out of ten stars and said it was a total tactical triumph. Here’s part of our conclusion:

“Triangle Strategy is an absolute triumph for Artdink and Square Enix, a fantastic mix of satisfyingly strategic battles, an excellent choice-driven campaign narrative and top-notch world-building, all of which come together to form one of the finest tactical RPGs we’ve played in a very long time.”

Triangle Stategy
Image: Square Enix

So, what did other critics think of it – VGC said it was “enormous but enjoyable”, awarding it 4 out of 5 stars:

“Triangle Strategy is an enormous tactical RPG with a solid turn-based battle system. Its epic plot and lengthy dialogue may be a bit overbearing, but anyone willing to take on an extremely detailed story will have a wealth to do here.”

Australian Nintendo website also gave it a 4 out of 5-star rating:

“Triangle Strategy is an excellent strategy game with a heavy focus on a very good, very malleable story. Characters are well-written and very likeable, the story goes to some absolutely fascinating places, and the game’s strategy combat is best-in-class amongst its peers. Unfortunately, inconsistent visuals and a gameplay/story balance skewed far too heavily on the story side hold it back at times — but looking past that is easy when the rest of it is so good.”

Our friends over at Eurogamer thought it was enjoyable, even though they did think it was a bit of a slow burn:

“Triangle Strategy is a dramatic, often engrossing tale of medieval conflict – and one that can sit proudly next to the games that inspired it.”

GamesRader+ was a little bit more critical but still gave it a final score of 3.5 out of 5:

“Triangle Strategy is a great strategic battler, meshed with devilish politicking and weighty decisions. It’s just a shame the cast of characters never gets a chance to shine just as bright.”

And one more – Comicbook was consistent with other scores, awarding it 4 out of 5. Here’s what it had to say:

Triangle Strategy is a very solid tactical game that rewards smart decisions. The conviction system that drives the story reminds me of the older Ultima games, and I appreciate that positioning is as important as a character’s abilities during combat. While Triangle Strategy suffers from some of the same issues as Octopath Traveler in terms of its slow pace, the game is still a worthy successor to the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics. This is a game that you’ll want to pour hours into, even if some of those hours are eaten up by cutscenes and monologues.”

Triangle Strategy is out today on the Nintendo Switch. Tell us in our poll and down in the comments if you’ll be adding it to your own collection.

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