Random: This ASMRtist Made An Entire Set For Her Animal Crossing Figurine Unboxing

ALB In Whisperland is one of the biggest ASMR YouTubers out there, and quite a few of her videos involve video games or other nerd topics in some way.

She’s done ASMR Pokémon Booster Pack openings, an ASMR Animal Crossing: New Horizons Let’s Play, and an unboxing of the Animal Crossing Colourpop makeup line… and now, perhaps unsurprisingly, ALB has released another Animal Crossing ASMR video, this time unboxing the Tomodachi Bandai set of figurines from Japan.

But ALB’s sets are legendarily gorgeous, too, and this video is no exception, with a handmade ACNH-themed display that she made herself.

If it’s more video game ASMR stuff you’re looking for, perhaps you’d also enjoy ALB’s tarot card reading… with Animal Crossing amiibo cards?

We promise we’re not sponsored by Big ASMR or anything, we just think it’s very nice to have a softly-spoken lady tell us that Penelope the mouse villager is an Aquarius, and that means that we’ll need to find more original, exciting things to do at work. Things like watching Animal Crossing ASMR and writing about it, maybe.

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