HAL Laboratory Talks About Kirby’s 3D Future, Hopes New Entries Can Be “Even More Wild And Free”

Image: via Nintendo Switch

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available on the Nintendo Switch in certain parts of the world, and as part of this, Nintendo has released a new volume of its ‘Ask The Developer’ series – providing all sorts of insights about the pink puff’s first full 3D action game.

Towards the end of the interview, HAL Laboratory was questioned about the future of the Kirby, and if the team would continue to explore “3D action gameplay”. The short answer is – yes, HAL is eager to build on Kirby and the Forgotten Land for Switch.

Game director Shinya Kumazaki believes Kirby’s latest outing is a “masterpiece” within the history of the series and mentioned how Kirby still had “unlimited potential”. From here on out, he hopes the team can be “even more wild and free” when it comes to creating Kirby titles in the future and told fans to look forward to new Kirby games.

Nintendo’s Kei Ninomiya – associate producer of the latest Kirby game – was just as supportive of 3D Kirby games moving forward, revealing how this title has encouraged the Kirby development team to keep doing new things in the future.

What sort of 3D projects would you like to see from Kirby and the team at HAL Laboratory? Tell us below.

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