Get Your Funky Kong On With This Donkey Kong Country Ska Album

Image: Nintendo / Retro Studios

David Wise’s work on the Donkey Kong Country series soundtracks is arguably some of the most iconic of the SNES era. The original set the tone, from the ‘Main Theme’ to ‘Aquatic Ambience’ to ‘Gan-Plank Galleon’. And because of Wise’s excellent work, we’ve all heard of ‘Stickerbush Symphony’ from Donkey Kong Country 2 and the drums from Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!‘s ‘Rockface Rumble’ are etched into our minds.

Now, there’s a brand new way you can celebrate the music of this brilliant series. The Holophonics, a ska punk band from Denton and Dallas, Texas, has released a new album as part of its MaSKArades series. Titled Donkey SKAng Country, the band has laid down the funk and rhythm to rearrange 21 iconic tracks from the three Super Nintendo titles.

Well, that’s the soundtrack to our summer sorted, then!

Last year, The Holophonics created Banjo-Kazooie album, which rearranged every level’s music to ska perfection. The band has also recorded an album with a variety of video game-related covers, from the Pokémon theme to Kirby to Chrono Trigger and even Zelda.

Sadly, Donkey SKAng Country will be the band’s last video game cover album, but they’re not going to stop making music, thank goodness! You can go and check out the band’s Bandcamp page here, where you can purchase this fantastic new DK album. Or you can go and listen to some of the music over on The Holophonics’ YouTube channel.

Go on! Give your Monday a bit of a banana boost with this fantastic album. And thanks to Justin Hines for pointing us in The Holophonics’ direction!

Share your thoughts on the album in the comments below!

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