Dead Cells ‘Break The Bank’ DLC Adds New Enemies And Weapons, And It’s Free

If you’ve got a copy of Dead Cells, or even if you haven’t, make sure to check out the latest DLC for the game, which is A) totally free and B) a bunch of new content including new enemies, weapons, and mutations. Did we mention it’s free?

Here are the things that have been added, plus the full patch notes for the “Break the Bank” update:

Important features

New biome : The Bank

This is a brand new biome that randomly appears in your run, optionally replacing the following biome if you choose to enter it.

The flashy bank chest is guaranteed to appear once in a transition area between biomes (but not before a boss). You can only enter The Bank by opening the chest as soon as you see it. If you don’t go for it then you lose the opportunity and the chest won’t reappear until you start a new run.

The Bank contains one less scroll and the same item level as the best biome in the replaced biome depth. There is also a guaranteed Cursed Chest.

To unlock The Bank, you just need to reach the Hand of the King or The Queen once. If you’ve already reached one of them, then The Bank chest will start appearing the next time you start from Prisoner’s Quarters.

3 new enemies :

  • Agitated Pickpocket, wants your gold and has the claws to get it.
  • Gold Gorger, collects gold as it grows, but don’t let it reach it’s final form, it’ll kick your ass!
  • Golden Kamikaze, is the same bat you know and love, but it drops more money!

3 new weapons :

  • Gold Digger, gives gold on hits plus critical hits if you’re filthy rich.
  • Dagger of Profit, crits for 3 secs after picking up gold.
  • Money Shooter, fires your gold. If you run out of gold, no more shots…

3 new mutations :

  • Midas’ Blood, gives you gold when you lose health.
  • Gold Plating, you lose gold, not health, when you get hit.
  • Get Rich Quick, stack bonus gold by killing enemies while you have a speed boost and cash in when it ends. Gotta go fast…
  • New biome-specific mechanics in the Bank (including a really surprising one…)
  • 2 new “banky” outfits and a few lore rooms.


  • Vampirism rework, now sacrifices a percentage of your maximum health to gain life leech on your melee attacks (effect doubled for heavy weapons) and a speed boost for 10 seconds.
  • Increased War Spear damage. It is no longer flagged as a heavy weapon. This mainly impacts its affix pool.
  • The Queen’s resistance to “crowd control” effects (Stun, Root, etc…) has been increased.
  • Items dropped after boss fights now have +1 item level. Boss loot felt unrewarding due to its level, so we increased it by +1
  • Removed Shield on Use to Face Flask and Serenade affix pool.

Graphics & UI

  • Community suggestion Scarecrow outfits now have proper names!
  • Community suggestion Conjunctivius’s eye now searches for the beheaded if invisible in tentacle phase.
  • Maw of the Deep and Bladed Tonfas tooltips updated to reflect the changes made in the DLC3 hotfix.
  • Custom mode Cursed Chest’s maximum curse increased to 999.

Quality of life

  • Community suggestion Added the last fight of the Servants in training room.
  • Upgrading an item in quality at The Blacksmith’s Apprentice doesn’t re-roll affixes anymore.
  • Added permanent light in Servants boss rooms for the Follow the Light custom game gameplay modifier. But seriously, do you really want to try the Lighthouse in the dark ?

Bug fixes

  • Maw of the Deep now properly displays crits.
  • Fixed invisible bullets for out of screen traps.
  • Fixed servants dying off screen after boss fight due to Barbed Tips.
  • Fixed some custom mode softlocks.
  • Fixed Giant’s slam attack not spawning crystals.
  • Fixed various bugs and crashes for the Queen.
  • Fixed Pause Bug. Hopefully for good this time.
  • Fixed custom mode gameplay modifiers incompatibility.
  • Fixed Spoiler Boss‘s flask not appearing in the UI.
  • Fixed falling through the ground on Carnivorous Plants.
  • Cursed Sword now displays its true damage values.
  • Various visual optimizations.

Are you still playing Dead Cells? What do you think about the slew of DLC that’s been added since the game’s release? Tell us in the comments!

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