Andro Dunos 2 Switch Physical Edition Pre-Orders Fly Into View

The Switch has an impressive range of shoot ’em ups, and we’re still getting regular new releases to check out. One lower profile entry that arrived recently on the eShop is Andro Dunos 2, but if you’re a fan of the genre you shouldn’t sleep on it. We gave this one a hearty recommendation in our recent review.

If you’re a physical collector, though, you’re in luck. Publisher VGNYsoft is carrying the baton in this case for developer PixelHeart. Pre-orders are now open for Q2 shipping of physical editions for both Switch and 3DS, as this is a title that is also on Nintendo’s last-gen portable (and it supports stereoscropic 3D!).

The ordering process is a bit different, though – VGNYsoft only distributes in the US, so its Canadian partner is responsible for International orders. US orders of the Switch version will also get a flier and sticker included.

Below are the Switch and 3DS links for US and International orders.

Andro Dunos 2 (US)

Andro Dunos 2 (International)

Are you tempted to pick up either of these physical editions?

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