FL Studio Mobile Apk MOD 3.6.19 Free Download full version

FL Studio Mobile Apk is a vast mobile application used to create and save different multi-track music projects on the android mobiles. But it is paid in some things and users cannot afford to purchase its subscriptions. So FL Studio Mobile is introduced for users to create and enjoy their music content for free.Fl Studio Mobile Apk

FL Studio Mobile Apk

This apk is for those users who want to create and train their multi music projects with different musical instruments. User can create different music projects for free. This music pro apk is available for all users and they can enjoy it for free.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which is available for all android users. This workstation allows users to complete their different music projects and announcements. But then these projects will be exported into different music formats like MP3, WAV etc.

These projects will then export into different music formats and tne they will ready to work with other music digital audio workstations.

Released of FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile was released in June 2011 by the Image Line. Its paid version is available for the users in Google Play Store. But users cannot afford the subscription charges and they need the free version. So now users have the chance to create their own playlist, music projects for free on their mobile.

Availabe version in Fl studio

  • 3.4.8, 3.1.941, 3.1 84, 3.6.6, v3.2.87 ,3.2.78 ,3.3.10, 3.6.19, 3.2.78, 3.4.8, 3.2.47, v2.0.8, 3.5.3, 3.5.16, v3 2.41, v3 2.63, v3.6.19, 3.5.16, v3.5.3, 3.6.6, v3.2.41, 2.0.8, 3.3 3, 3.4 8, 2.0 3, v2.0


There are many features of FL Studio Mobile and users can understand fully apk unlocked +obb from them. These features are as follows:

Download Free

Users can download FL Studio Mobile completely free and they can enjoy all its features for free. It is not like the FL Studio, where the users have to subscribe the monthly plans to enjoy all features of FL Studio. Users can easily compressed zip file download its apk free and have complete access to all great features of FL Studio Mobile.

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Accessible interface

In FL Studio Mobile, users have complete access of simple and nice interfaces. Users can get all information regarding music instruments, projects, and many other things. Users can feel comfort in this simple interface. In fact, this apk has a tremendous system that automatically adjusts the screen ratio, the screen size of mobile phones.

Users when using this apk on their smartphones or tablets, find this apk a very easy and accessible apk. Users have to select those features which can great effect on their music projects.

Ads Free Version

“Baixar” FL Studio Mobile is completely ads free. There is no any problem of ads in this Studio. Users can use this FL Studio for completely free and without the tension of ads. This FL Studio is completely ads-free and fully secure. Users have no any worry of ads playing in between the projects of music.

Free To Use

This FL Studio Mobile Mod Apk is completely free and free to use. There is no any not working issue regarding the subscription and any app purchases.  It is completely free and secure to use. There are no hidden charges in this Studio for use. This apk is totally free to download google drive /mediafıre and users can further use this FL Studio gratis fully free. It is not like the Google play store app which is app in purchase in some things.

Very Easy To Use

This FL Studio has the most user-friendly interface and easy to understand. Users can easily understand the FL Studio Mobile Apk and its functions. It is very easy to understand and easy to use. Its interface is very friendly and it supports the user’s thinking.

Safe and Secure

FL Studio Mobile is totally safe and secure. It is an unwarranted and premium apk which is not available in Google play store because it is in competition with all official music apps. But this cracked version is safe and free. In fact, users do not need to worry about anything and just download it and enjoy all music projects and mixing for free/trial.

This app is totally free and easy to use. It is completely virus free and safe to use.

No Ban Issue

In the FL Studio Mobile official, if the users can try to access more than one user from the different IP addresses then FL Studio would ban the account. But in the FL Studio Mobile Apk, there is no any such issue regarding the ban. In case the users try to use the same login from different IP addresses then they will not face any problems.

No Root the Phone

The majority, the premium/mod versions of different apps need the root of user’s phone. But in this FL Studio Mobile, there is no need to root the phone. Users can enjoy all premium features without rooting the phone. Root the phone means creating problems on the phone and many changes occur due to the rooting of the phone.

Block Ads

This FL Studio apk does not allow any type of ads like visual and audio ads. Every user wants ads-free apps; everyone loves the ads-free experience. But in the simple FL Studio version, users face hurdles in the shape of different ads that pop out of nowhere and the users got frustrated due to these ads.

So in the FL Studio Mobile, there are no ads and users can easily enjoy music without the interruption of ads.

Create and Customize Playlist

Each person has a different taste of music like some people enjoy fast music and some enjoy slow, melodious music, etc. This main feature of FL Studio Mobile allows users to follow the artist they love and apk shows the suggested songs on the basis of the user’s interest.

Users can search for songs by their taste and they can create their own playlists, discover new songs daily. This feature is very great for the users.

Create Music with Variable Instruments

In FL Studio Mobile Apk, this apk allows the users to learn the various instruments which they want. But users can use their music synthesizers, drum kits, piano, keyboard, and many other extra unique instruments. So users can mix their music playlists with theses mixers.

Because of these unique instruments allow the users to add more sounds to their songs. Users can enhance the beauty of their songs by adding some unique extra instruments. But this apk let the users allow the amazing experience in their mobile devices.

Available Audio Effects

FL Studio Mobile Apk Obb allows users to enhance their songs with different audio instruments. Users can synthesize their songs with the help of different instruments and effects. But users can add different effects in their songs. This studio provides users with complete musical effects and other things.

Therefore users can extent their songs mixing to different events and can explore the world of instruments in their mobile. But users have to keenly observe the different effects and instruments for their songs.

Record Audio and Edit

Users can easily record their songs in FL Studio Apk and can do mixing in their devices. Users can edit their songs in their devices easily. Thus they can have complete access to six different music records to record their song in their devices.

This is a great feature of this Studio Apk and users have a great chance to record their songs in their devices and edit by themselves. So this apk will help the users in making a great record in their devices.

Excellent Mixture for Your Audio Songs

Users have the chance to synthesize their songs beautifully. They can record their songs in their devices as well as edit them easily. This apk allows users to add different excellent mixtures in their songs to make them great and astonishing. Users have complete access to some different intuitive mixtures and options.

Hence users can add extra changes in their songs with the amazing effects. They have the complete option to add different effects in their songs. But users can also edit their songs with some chords and nods etc.

Import & Export in Different Formats

Users can also record their songs on their devices and can also edit them. Indeed users have the chance to import and export their songs in the same formats. But this Studio Apk supports the user’s songs to send and receive in the same formats.

But some things should be remembered in mind that these formats are very important for them. The studio offers the users the to complete their songs in the same formats. But they have to complete them in MP3; WAW formats which are usually used.

Step to Download Fl Studio Mobile

People who love to create and mix, record with some useful features can check how to download FL Studio Mobile for Android devices.

  1. Open Play store and search for FL Studio Mobile.
  2. Click on Buy option
  3. Pay the premium amount and install.
  4. Wait for the process to complete.
  5. Once installation completed, open the app.
  6. Now you can enjoy all the features.
  7. That’s all!!!.

Enjoy Audio Editing

Users can also share their music projects with some other work stations also. They can share their projects with their own any devices like android, IOS etc. Hence users can have the audio editing cross-platform experience also.

But users can easily use the online connection to share their projects and can also share their projects in their specified devices.

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Install Fl Mobile Apk on Android Devices

Apk Name FL Studio Mobile Apk
Apk Version 3.3.8
Latest Updated 13th May, 2020
Android Version 4.1 to Up
File Size 220 MB
Boots RequiredNo
Developer Name Image Line


  • This apk can be downloaded through this link. apkpure
  • Firstly, the users have to give permission to all unknown sources by going to settings and to look for security on the device. This feature will help the users to download FL Studio Apk from any other different source other than the Google play store.
  • After downloading, the Apk file is downloaded in the user’s Android device.
  • Now search the file and tap on it. New Tab will be open. You have to give permission to the apk for install and then click on the install button.
  • After the installation, Open the apk file and enjoy the FL Studio Mobile Apk Free.

How to install Fl studio mobile apk on Pc/Laptop by using Android Emulator

Nowadays, Users want to do all things and work on their mobiles. They do now ant t do most things on PC/Laptop. But users have to do these apks on their desktops also. So, for this purpose, users must have the Android Emulator Bluestacks first to download on a laptop easily.

There are the following steps from which the users can understand how to download FL Studio Mobile App on laptop/PC.

  • First of all, users must open the browser and then follow the link which is placed below:
  • When the users click on this link, they will be redirected to the homepage of this emulator. Users have to click on the download button which will appear and then download will start.
  • After the download is finished, then go to the download folder and open it.
  • A sudden pop-up window will appear on the screen and would require permission to download/install Emulator on the user’s laptop/pc.
  • After the installation is complete, the users must go to the browser and paste this URL which is given below.
  • By clicking this link or pasting this link on the browser, users will find the download page of FL Studio Apk.
  • So the file will download on the user’s PC/Laptop. After download, a confirmation window will open and then click on Install to further proceeding.
  • After installation, users can open FL Studio Apk by using the Android Emulator Bluestacks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FL Studio Mobile Apk?
It is the Apk version of FL Studio Mobile which has the all premium features for totally free. Users have full access to the ultimate different instruments and can easily enjoy the amazing mixing features for free.
Is it safe to use FL Studio Apk?
Yes, it is safe to use because app does not have any virus malicious files at all.
Does it require any root permission for installation?
No, the users can easily install FL Studio Apk on any device.
Can the users download music from Mobile Apk latest full version?
Yes, the users can easily download music from Apk version, while in the FL Studio old version users just only add the some normal features to their songs online.


Hence FL Studio Mobile Apk is one of the best music digital audio workstations of the world. It has the all music instruments which the users want. Therefore they want to create their own singing records with some amazing effects and extraordinary instruments.